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  • 30 Jan 2020 22:06
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    I've recieved the result of the selection commission of  Brest 2200.

    Out of 8 candidates the commission has selected only two boats. MO and TIP TOES.

    We are, of course,  very desapointed;but it only show how little the junk rig culture is irrelevent in France. It's up tu us to change it !

    I would suggest:

    - a Junket in the vincinity of the official Brest 2020. I would suggest Roscanvel in order to keep contact with the, sorry for them,  selected boats. I think but I must check that there is a ferry link between Roscanvel and Brest. But we have plenty of time to find the new junket area.

    - to try and incorporate Mingming in the "selected boats" and I think that I have good arguments. It doesn't mean that if selected Minming would incorporate a "selected" club but would offer a third boat to promote Junk rig in France.

    If your are "selected" it means that you have a beath allocated and a certain amout of free crew. It doen't mean that you are not allowed to join the junket in an other area.

    All that is  a first reaction, to bad news. We should build up a proper response.



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  • 23 Apr 2020 16:10
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    I hope you are all well.

    I was waiting for the Brest2020 organisation to postpone the junket but obviously the situation is not any more compatible with the organisation of a junket in July in west Britany.

    I'm sorry to have to cancel but it is the only wise decision.

    I'll try and organise a junket in Britany next year. It could be during "la semaine du golf de Morbihan" in May (a very pleasant place for spring sailing) or in July around Douarnenez, or.....



  • 26 Apr 2020 01:51
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    Are you permitted to go sailing at all, Eric?  We are presently banned from doing so for 'safety' reasons: apparently we may require rescuing.  On the other hand, from Tuesday, people will be able to go killing animals (aka 'hunting') and surfing.  As our North American friends would say: go figure.

    Considering that the Brest committee seem to want wooden boats, now, as well as old rigs, I suspect the Morbihan would be a better place for a junket.  Besides, it such a fantastic experience to be able to tie up alongside in a glorious, Breton town such as Auray.

  • 26 Apr 2020 14:39
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    Bonjour Annie
    Sailing is still forbidden in France but we have positive signals ; the harbour professionals are now allowed to conduct their activity in the harbours.
    The question of sailing is an open one and it may be allowed on the end of the hard lockdown on May the 11th. Otherwise it will be kept for a second path if the epidemic doesn't rage again.

    Brest2020 wants boats and riggings that lock old or strange or are story tellers. A junk rig on a modified pointy hull is not sufficiently strange for them. Mingming could have been a story teller but I would have to add a poster (in the non-shrouds) to tell the story and stay in the marina as a museum piece (not my cup of tea). The interest of Brest is that the participants are invited to sail in informal regattas or demonstration navigation in front of the public or with journalists. It was a good choice to promote Junkrig in France.

    La semaine du golf du Morbihan is less restrictive. They just don't want recent industrials boats as participants. There are also marvelous areas far at the end of the Golf as Séné - St Armel. The fleet is divided into flotilla of different sized with a lot of sailing-rowing ridders. You are in your flotilla and you most of the time just cross the other flotillas, with an exception on the Monday where all the fleet joins the “ile d’Ars" for the day. You may only promote Junkrig in your flotilla but with the possibility of organizing some junksail trials at lunchtime inside the crowded mooring with current, guts… scarring but demonstrative.


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