The one-off Jester Fastnet Challenge! June 13, 2021

  • 06 Apr 2021 21:49
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    For all of you who are desperate or just contemplating to get offshore this summer here is what Jester Challenge Organisers have prepared. If you are tempted - get it touch with the organisers. I am posting this on their behalf. 

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    ..............This would be the one-off Jester Fastnet Challenge!

    A c.500 mile nautical jaunt along one of the most hallowed routes in offshore racing (though of course we won’t be racing), starting June 13th. This could be sailed in four possible combinations: 

    1. Plymouth/Fastnet/Plymouth 

    2. Plymouth/Fastnet/Pwllheli 

    3. Pwllheli/Fastnet/Pwllheli 

    4. Pwllheli/Fastnet/Plymouth 

    Take your pick! 

    OK, it’s not ideal. In a way it’s Baltimore without the Baltimore. But it’s something, which is, after all, better than nothing............

    For more 'options' and details see the file. 

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