Jester Baltimore Challenge

  • 27 May 2021 09:47
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    The 2021 Jester challenges projects have changed since....

    The last known Jester Challenges are described in the attached document (01/05).


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  • 27 Nov 2020 23:39
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    I’ve just seen this thread..

    David,  BooTwo would be perfect for comparison, and I would love to meet other rigs.

    HOWEVER... my longest ‘cruise’  to date has been only 55 miles, so I think aiming for Baltimore next june would be a little ambitious to say the least.

  • 31 Oct 2020 13:25
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    Juggling crystal balls would be easier than guessing what things will be like next June. The current two week isolation requirement for incoming travellers should be part of an EU green/orange/red zone system by then but of course the UK isn't expected to be in the EU by then so who knows what the arrangement will be.

    If it goes ahead I'd be delighted to do my best to get photos of any junk rigged boats from the water, my Westerly 22 might even be junk rigged by then. 

    It's interesting that the mood of this thread is that arriving boats would have to isolate in case they bring Covid in to Baltimore. I think it's the other way around and this summer I would have steered any incoming vessels away from the place. It's a hotspot of wealthy RIB owning types (that's as polite as I can be) who this summer carried on like they were above the regulations. The route from Baltimore to Schull and the islands in the bay were a motorway of beer and vodka swilling, over-loaded, over-powered obnoxious RIBS for most of the summer. I'm sure Jester Challenge sailors would get a warm welcome and have a great time but I do wonder at picking Baltimore as a destination. 

  • 23 Oct 2020 11:52
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    Yes, indeed, Ireland has just moved to “level 5” or highly restricted- that is supposed to last for 6 weeks.  In this phase we are supposed to stay near our homes, when not at work, and to work from home wherever possible.  I think that most of us hope and expect that we will be back closer to normal, but not yet normal, by next June.  My boat club was able to hold outdoor limited numbers self-catered events at some points during the summer, for example.  As next year comes and you make your plans, the website of Irish sailing - - is a good resource for understanding what the rules are as they apply to sailing.  The cross-border element is also a complication in the case of the Jester challenge.   

  • 23 Oct 2020 08:42
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    At the moment, the Irish regulations on Restricted Movement would mean that social gatherings cannot be held, so junkets are out. It would seem that the Baltimore Challenge could go ahead, on the basis that participants stay on their boats, don't gather in Baltimore, and just go off on a 14 day cruise, or on the Azores Challenge. Not ideal, but possible. But next June is still a long way off, and everything will probably be very different by then. Better, or worse? Who has a crystal ball to hand? 

  • 22 Oct 2020 21:41
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    So far I’ve only been a day-sailor, so the Jester challenge is not for me,  but if there was a prospect of a junket I might harbour-hop my Newbridge Venturer down from Dublin and perhaps meet the returning challengers somewhere like Waterford harbour?? Based on some forum posts, I think there’s another junk there already.  I’d be happy to look into the local logistics if that was of interest.  

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  • 21 Oct 2020 16:06
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    It would be very interesting; with the additional possiblily to provide views from the outside for both riggings.

    May I add that there are two starting lines for the Jester Baltimore Challenge.

    You could start from Plymouth or from Pwllhheli, under your conveniance.


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  • 21 Oct 2020 11:16
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    Prognosis of future Jester Challenges (JC, JAC and JBC) with very rough, out-line start dates.

    2020 Azores mid/late May (JAC) postponed

    2021 Baltimore mid June (JBC)

    2021 Azores mid June and following on from the JBC with

    simultaneous starts at Plymouth and Baltimore.

    Is there any possibility that a SJR-rigged boat near to Weaverbird's size would be interested in the Jester Baltimore Challenge? If so, I might be persuaded to sail down to Plymouth for mid-June. Just to see how the rigs compare in open sea conditions over a couple of hundred miles. 

    Pandemics permitting, of course.

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