SJR and too much main panel camber

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  • 09 Mar 2021 17:27
    Reply # 10179635 on 10179164

    I have wondered about that also.  

    I have wondered that if the gap between the jiblet leech and the main panel is too small, either because the built-in jib sheeting angle is too small and/or the camber on the main panel is too big, then the airflow off the jiblet leech will impact on the main panel camber, causing it to collapse and flutter and reduce drive.  Simply too much air being forced through too small a gap?

    How would that affect the airflow overall?.  Would the 2-part sail essentially start acting as a single sail with consequent reduction in performance?

    An interesting question, Jami.  Hopefully some of the more aerodynamic will have an answer.  

  • 09 Mar 2021 14:03
    Message # 10179164

    While dreaming of the summer in this everlasting winter, I stumbled on a speculation about the cons of too excessive camber on a split sail's main panels. It is thought that too big a camber spoils the airflow of the jib panels or vice versa.

    I already forgot where I read this. But if my memory serves me even a bit, I think I have read it more than once. 

    However, the split sail I made last year has a main camber of 10-6%. Have I made a sail that would be better off without the jibs?

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