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  • 19 Oct 2021 08:07
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    My barrel-cut sails: How do they get away without a badly hooked leech?

    When I made my first cambered panel junksail with the barrel-cut method, I feared that the boltrope all around it would result in a badly hooked leech, as seen on some clapped-out gaff sails and jibs.
    For some reason, the shape of those panels looked quite good on Malena’s new blue sail (1994). Since performance was OK, I kept using the method on later boats without thinking more about it.

    However, recently I have tried to figure out why I got away with this simple method.
    Now, after eyeballing a number of photos taken this summer, I think I have an answer: Have a look at the two photos below, both taken at nearly right angle to the battens. The luff and leech of each panel show a little bit hollow. I surely haven’t cut the panels with hollow; it is the barrel method’s “fault”. The method has not allowed for the (few cm) extra length needed from luff to leech to create the camber. Therefore, each batten panel has to ‘steal’ some cloth from somewhere, either by stretching the material or by creating those hollow curves.
    The bonus is that this added luff-to-leech stretch reduces any tendencies to get a hooked leech. In other words, I got away with that boltrope (..and no broad tablings...) just by luck.

    I don’t claim that the barrel method produces perfect NACA-style foils, but the resulting shape is still quite good, and the upwind performance of my boats seems to confirm that.

    Conclusion: The proof of the pudding is in the -  upwind performance.


    (PS: This subject was touched in the thread about Magazine 83 as well, but the hooked leech, or lack of it, was not mentioned.)


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    “The devil is in the details.”

    I start this topic to let us have a place to air and discuss thoughts about specific details (“small stuff”) in our rigs. I invite everyone to join in with ideas or questions.


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