Are two masts too much on a Cape Dory 28

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  • 20 Jun 2022 07:48
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    My ANNA LUCJA 2 was designed and built as JR scooner, despite only 6,5m long hull. Now, after some 6 week of test sailing at the lake I am quite happy with the 2 mast design. Originally, sailes should be 12sqm each, I made them 15sqm each, with longer battens, so needed to use double sheets on the foremast. Also, for proper ballance I need rise one panel less of the foresail, as in the picture. For downwind sailing the entire sail goes up. I can carry 30sqm of canvas with masts only 7m tall (above the deck), each weighting some 25kgm, so I am able easily to put them up and down in the tabernacle.  She is very sensitive to the sails ballance - I can change the course not tuching the tiller - just by easing or pulling sheets. At anchor I may rise 1 panel of the main up, and she is pointing great. 

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  • 20 Jun 2022 03:38
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    The extra weight, expense and complexity all count against small junk schooners.  However a Tom Thumb 23 carried a schooner rig as does Greya, a 28ft Venus.  There have been others, converted from cat ketch, but they have been able to use their existing alloy or carbon spars.  I'm sure there are more that I can't rememeber.  I assume you've looked at the boats in the directories to get some inspiration!

    I suspect a Cape Dory has plenty of ballast and being of fairly heavy displacement, they can probably take the weight of the masts. 

    Personally, if there seems no sensible way of rigging the boat with a single sail, I'd go for the schooner/ketch: the former certainly does have some advantages over a sloop.  A mast in they eyes of the boat tends to make her sheer around at anchor.  While you are doing your refit, I would suggest you make sure that your bow is set up so that you can easily deploy a second anchor.  Good luck and please keep us updated on your progress.  These are great boats and with a junk rig would make for a brilliant cruiser.

  • 19 Jun 2022 21:17
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    Deleted user

    I know in The Practical Junk Rig, it says two masts could be used on a minimum of a 28 foot boat, and I think later it says if its LOA is over 31. My Cape Dory 28 has a LOA of 28.4. As I have had problems finding a good aluminum mast, and am now looking more into wood. I would prefer to have two shorter wood masts for back up,and easier to built smaller masts, havent done the numbers yet, but they should be pretty short, not sure how that would affect the performance in between tall waves clue.

    Other than mast placement vs interior space , does anyone have any thoughts on this. I will try to do all the figures this coming week , finding the mast placement and height , sail area, etc this week, I just thought maybe someone might have a reason I shouldnt even go down that


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