Fine tuning JS setup.

  • 19 Nov 2022 23:45
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    Thanks for that. I'll try adjusting the mast tilt first, which should fix it I hope, then I'll look at other options. 

  • 18 Nov 2022 21:56
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    Seeing as it's a small sail you might be able to follow my unorthodox method of using one sheet per batten and a main sheet on the boom. Total control of flatness or twist, whichever is desired. Next season I'm going to bring the sheet outs of a drilled hole in the aft rounded end of each batten so that there is nothing sticking out aft for the sheets to snag on, and I'm probably adding a hoop to keep the sheets clear of everything around the cockpit. 

    There's more detail in this thread, particularly my post of 30th Sept.

  • 18 Nov 2022 01:28
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    I need some advice re dealing with fine tuning my new JS.

    1. I am finding that the sheetlets are catching on the aft end of the battens on a gybe or tack, causing sail twist and poor sheet control. It seems that if the baten ends were about 15cm further forward it might be enough. It seems to me there are a few options or a combination of.

    a. Tilt the mast forward a little. At present my mast is perpendicular to the deck.

    b. Add a batten extension on batten #3 to move the sheetlet out a bit.

    c. Move the sheet attachment point further aft.

    d. Shorten the battens (and cut the sail smaller).

    Of all the options, option a. seems the simplest to start with on my boat. But how much is an acceptable tilt?

    Option b. is another option, but only on the topmost sheeted batten (3) otherwise it will only compound the problem.

    Option c. may be possible but will involve some thinking through. The sheet attachment is already on the transom, so moving it aft will involve some kind of extension or frame. But it brings other issues into play such as making sure all the sheets clear things mounted on the transom (motor, solar panel pole etc.)

    Option d. is possible, as I seem to have a fair amount of weather helm that could be reduced. But tilting the mast forward will also help with this I would think.

    2. When I reef the sail a couple of panels, I get quite a bit of sail twist. The sail loses the shape and trim that it has when fully hoisted.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome.

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