Meet Peaches, an (almost) junk-rigged Lapworth Gladiator L24.

  • 28 Aug 2023 21:14
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    Hello everyone. Not much progress this weekend due to a wildfire nearby, the air quality is in the upper 200s which is very unhealthy. Found some webbing at a yard sale, I've read It's used for various parrels, and loops for battens. Score.

    I've included some pictures topside of the tabernacle and the reinforcement that the previous owner did to utilize a free-standing, tapered, deck-stepped mast. It's an awesome conversion. The more research I do, the more I realize how much he's read from all of you as a community. 

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  • 23 Aug 2023 18:12
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    Here are pictures of today's projects. Sorted various one-design spars for boom and yard, and sorted purple and fishpole bamboo. Dimensions in both metric and the kings units. Haha. I have a combination of 1.75", 2.0 aluminum tubing that depending on usage, will be sleeved, spigoted, pinned and or tig/mig welded. 

    Similar for bamboo, was going to use the techniques listed on page 155, figures 10.8, 10.9, 10.10. I really want to use purple and fishpole, mostly for aesthetics, I want people that know, to notice. The length of my battens is roughly 14 ft so I want to use the strongest 9 ft of each, fished, to equal my 14 ft. 

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  • 23 Aug 2023 15:46
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    Thanks for the quick replies. Here are the basics. Unstayed mast, in a kevlar/cf, and GRP tabernacle. On deck, and below deck reinforcement via a kevlar/cf engineered beam. (Just for brevity/continuity, everything that was done regarding the jr conversion, was engineered by the previous owner.) total overkill. The pilothouse, is the best owner created one I've seen. Looks better than factory. All prepreg/foam core. The rudder is a work of art also. Same as above, carbon kevlar foam core and bronze oversized shaft. (He built most of this stuff, on his fisher 30!) The boom crutch is done. The "at rest" mast crutch is done. The mast itself is here. I have sail plans, very explicit directions on how to complete, and the direction in which to go.

    I'm going to use aluminum for yard and boom. I've been hoarding spars here at shop. Currently laying that out and I'll take some pictures of my progress. I'm using repurposed booms and masts from various one-design dinghies, its what I have on hand and its in my nature to not be wasteful. Let me know what you think. 

    I'm using black bamboo, that I have here, for the battens. (May not be correct diameter, I'm unclear on that after reading.)

    I'm using blue sunbrella, which I have here, that's been cut by a sailmaker, but then incomplete when the previous owner was sick. I need to find a local sailmaker.

    I'm building a motor mount for a tohatsu 9.8 4t saildrive. This boat is deserving of such a fine motor. It's beautiful. Yes, it's big, 90ish pounds, but I have major water just outside with current that would overpower something this heavy. Case closed on that.

    The old saying "good bones" applies here, and I have a fantastic headstart.

    I purchased the boat mid-July, and I'm motivated. My goal is to be underway, via junk power jan 1. The intention with the boat is a trailerable, blue-water junk motor-sailor. I wanted something in this size range for that reason, less than an 8 ft beam, with a full keel. The maiden voyage of course will be the San juan Islands in June for Spot prawn opening.

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  • 23 Aug 2023 13:47
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    Welcome William. The first reaction that comes to my mind is to write an ode to the open deck house (as I note with dismay that it is missing from your proposed sail plan drawing).  My gut feeling is that "old salt" knew what he was doing. But, like everything else, it all depends what your future plans are: ocean cruising? Coastal cruising? Living aboard? Nice boat. I have a feeling she is in good capable hands.

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  • 23 Aug 2023 11:32
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    You are very welcome — you will find, I think, that this is a very interesting group who rise to the occasion when presented with specific questions.  For example, what is your rigging problem?  Have you had a chance to read Arne Kverneland’s files on the site, which are wonderful, giving lots of specific advice on sails and rigging, including the relative advantages of different sheeting options.

    and given your background, don’t be slow to kick in with your own views on forum topics.  We all learn from each other

  • 22 Aug 2023 22:26
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    Hello everyone. First off I'd like to say the site is incredible. I've been lurking for a while, absorbing everything and reading everyone's excellent info. A lot of your names I recognize, this is an accoladed subscriber base here at jug rig association. 

    I recently purchased this 1962 Continental Plastics, lapworth-designed gladiator l24, with what I would call a 75% completed junk rig conversion. The previous owner and the starter of the junk conversion is an absolute old salt nautical genius by the name of Steve V. From what I could tell from working with the boat for a couple months is that Steve v. Is a master of GRP/FRP work. Everyday I'm blown away by some of the cool things I'm discovering. I have many, many questions. I also have many, many photos. I hope that everyone will join me with the conversion and completing it, basically rescuing this boat from a landfill,  a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

    I have extensive pics of anything anyone wants to see and I'm able to answer any questions. I have access to everything I need to complete it, (I have a boat salvage business, and I have a shipwright/nautical/ fabrication background.)

    What I don't have, is any idea of how to rig a junk rig. Hahaha. That's what you guys are for! I have a copy of the junk rig bible, I've read everything that Annie's ever said and watched every single JRA related YouTube or social media post. Here are some pics to get me started. 

    I am located in SF Bay California, the boat is from Sausalito, and is now berthed in Crescent City California. Hello to my fellow global junkies!

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