Entrance + cockpit management on Coromandel Siskin

  • 02 May 2024 11:43
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    Copied your dynemaa safety line idea Asmat.

    Wish I had come up with that myself. I sail Siskin without the stansions as my big feet wouldn't fit and I disliked their leak-potential.

    These lines provides so much more safety than holding on to the grabrails on the cabin top AND they may provide a line to climb back on board after an unvoluntary plunge.

    Thanx again!

  • 19 Apr 2024 13:44
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    I very much like the arrangement in photo number 3!

    You clearly gave this more thought than I gave it.

    Will have to ponder a bit more.

  • 19 Apr 2024 12:23
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    Antoine, the gallows aboard Emmelène serve a useful purpose apart from securing the sail bundle. The photos show a 6mm Dyneema hand line that lets me move confidently forward and holds my harness tether. It is attached through the stainless loops on the gallows and doubles back on the opposite side via a thimble on a bridle attached to the pulpit. Downhauls cleated on the aft cabin bulkhead supply tension. Releasing these lets the gallows be folded down. I think this arrangement makes more sense than the 45cm guardwire stanchions originally fitted. They don't even reach my knees and serve no purpose other than for hanging fenders, causing deck leaks and tripping people overboard.

    You're right. A cockpit shelter will certainly improve your quality of life at anchor. I suppose I might lash something up with bamboo poles, but these will have to be carried as deck cargo. I haven't thought of fitting a spray hood, but if it doesn't stop bloody raining I may build a watchkeeper's kennel like the one in the photo, which I carried on my Arctic voyage a few years back.

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  • 18 Apr 2024 16:25
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    On my Coromandel Siskin, the contraption on wich the sail bundle rests while not sailing is at the same time a very useful safety point while moving about the boat and a nuissance. It is a metal bar resting on the cabin top while sailing.

    I am contemplating widening the thing, moving it more aft on the cockpit comings and letting it rest either right in front or right after the help OR to make it detachable / demountable

    This would open up the way to:

    1. set up a dogder / sprayhood right after the cabin entrance providing more cover while underway;
    2. set up a cockpit tent attached to this sprayhood - thus more or less doubling Siskin's living space while at anchor.

    Has any other Coromandel sailor undertaken this modification?

    Best regards,


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