Material for potable water tanks

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  • 05 Jan 2011 21:30
    Message # 490035
    I am needing new water tanks for La Chica and so wish to canvas ideas and opinions as to what material would be most suitable for the purpose. As I see it below are the possibilities, with my comments. I'd like to hear from other members about their experiences before committing myself.

    1. Stainless type 316 - expensive
    2. Plastic (Polypropylene) - expensive and I believe seams can split but        possibly  the best choice.
    3. Aluminum - Alshiemers?
    4. Plywood glassed and coated with epoxy - there seem to be reservations about epoxy for water tanks. Something to do with free radicals. However it could be the most economical way to go.
    5. Portable  vinyl type tanks - I believe are vulnerable to chafe.
    6. Any other possibilities?
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