• 03 Feb 2011 05:41
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    Topyssey might be good news! 

    When I had Odyssey and Top Gun in my hands and made my choice, I thought the lighter one too light. But wished the heavier were just a little less heavy.

    I chose Top Gun and have no regrets. Our sails are 30-something and 40-something square metres. They seem tough-as to me so far. I used only tabling and corner reinforcements, except webbing in the top panel leech. I'm thinking about roping the top three panels' edges, which I would never regret. Thank you, Arne.

    Top Gun is soft in sailcloth terms - just right for junk sails, I think. It's easy to work with and sew. The residue on your hands is pleasant-feeling... likely toxic. Top Gun is very chafe-resistant compared to acrylic canvas, and stands up to the abuse of bundling much better than a harder sailcloth. 

    Our sails are dark dark blue, and as they've rubbed up and down and aged, they've slowly begun to take on the look of old denim. If the coatings on the lighter '-sseys' are similar, people should choose a colour while bearing in mind the particular faded-crinkled appearance they'd prefer in the distant future. Denim suits us. Old denim.


  • 02 Feb 2011 08:03
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    Whilst checking the spec. on Odyssey III, I found that there is now a product called "Topyssey" from Marchem Coated Fabrics, mid-way in weight between Odyssey and Top Gun. This could be useful for medium to large sails.
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