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  • 03 Oct 2013 17:32
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    1 To develop a definitive place where members can go to locate answers to specific questions that have already been posed in fora.
    2 To counter the fact that WA fora do not have a reliable search facility or indexing system. (WA's support fora show many requests for such, with WA turning a blind eye to features which are said to be present in fora from similar providers.)

    Time and patience to historically and regularly trawl the fora and copy questions and answers into the relevant section of this section. Precis them into text that meets the above aims.

    David Tyler created this now dormant section of the site when he first set it up. It seems to have been mostly ignored as people seem to prefer asking questions in fora, even though they might already have been put and answered. This might be seen as evidence that Ask the Junkmaster is not required. However, the lack of search and indexing facilities does mean that valuable information tends to 'disappear'.

    Notes: Resurrecting the Ask the Junkmaster section could duplicate work that might be better done in the PJR Update Project. Since the latter would be published, effort might be better spent on that.

    See also the Site Spy project which is related.
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