A Cash prize of 250 GBP - Dinghy Design Competition

  • 18 Mar 2021 23:08
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    Get your thinking hats on, sharpen your pencils and with poise hit the drawing board. 

    This competition closes on 31 April 2021. 

    JRA Dinghy Design Competition

    Back in 2017, a few members proposed to the committee that the JRA supported a project to  design a small dinghy that could be used with different types of junk rig. Like any plans for a  tender, the design had to be capable of being all things to all men, but a viable suggestion was  made by John Welsford, based on the specification put together at the time. Unfortunately, this  never got beyond the concept stage and, as John does not currently have access to a boat  building shed, we do not expect this to change. Accordingly, the committee has updated and  reviewed the original specification for a design competition and are hoping to see our members  - or non-members - put on their most creative thinking hats to try and come up with that most  elusive of boats - the ideal tender. As a starting point, we suggest the following forum topics: 

    The Ideal Tender

    Badger Dinghy

    Dinghy Specification 

    Material: Plywood 

    Size: Not too big, not too small. 

      No longer than can be obtained from a sheet of plywood 2.4m 

    Plans: Must belong to the JRA 

    To be available for free download by JRA members 

    Ideally, we'd like to make digital cutting files available, but this is not vital 


    • Simple and cheap to build, (think along the lines of building on a beach when the  inflatable gives up the ghost unexpectedly) 
    • Suitable for rowing, sculling, outboard, sailing, use as a yacht tender 
    • Transportable on a roof rack 
    • Able to have various mast positions 
    • One design centerboard/daggerboard/offset daggerboard/leeboard and rudder 
    • Capable of carrying 2-3 people 
    • As light as possible considering its possible use as a yacht tender 
    • Buoyancy could built in or not - buoyancy bags are cheap and lightweight 

    Sail: Able to reef 

    Sail cloth - heavy weight spinnaker cloth? 

    Windsurfer mast would be a reasonable way of getting the mast or an aluminium tube

    Deadline: End of April 2021.

    Judging: A group of at least four members (who are not partaking) chosen by the committee,  alongside one or two committee members. Members chosen by the committee to offer a range of sailing  and boat building/design/sailmaking experience between them. Winner chosen by consensus, hopefully,  but by majority vote if not. The chair will have a casting vote, should numbers make it necessary. 

    Prize: A cash prize of 250 GBP, plus the chair commits to building a prototype as a school  project within a year of the design being chosen.

    Send your designs to Mark: 


    or post here. 

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