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  • 11 Feb 2014 13:01
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    Deleted user
    Chris Gallienne wrote:By the way, this document was sold on board for 6d - what's that worth today?

    Well, who knows, but a copy of the version published in New York for her visit there sold on ebay recently for US$430 - not bad for a 16-page pamphlet - lock it away, Robin!
  • 12 Feb 2014 18:40
    Reply # 1496664 on 1406536
    Hi Chris. The Committee have approved the purchases that you recommended. I'll get them ordered asap. They'll be sent to me and handed to Robin when I next see him. I'll also enjoy reading them, but if any members want one or the other or both, let me know.

    We got a bit 'off topic' here (Digitisation) but I'll leave as is and simply add them to Our Library when they arrive.
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  • 13 Feb 2014 21:58
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    There is a discussion going on in the Technical Forum about self-steering methods and gears.  Very interesting too.  There have been several mentions of Bill Belcher's book - the other Bible.  I tried to buy a copy recently, from a NZ outfit that has the copyright.  The people who printed the book, Boat books ( said:

    Hi Annie,

    Unfortunately the book is now out of print and we have no plans to reprint at this stage.

    We have 1 copy in our own library and you are welcome to peruse it if you are ever in Auckland but it is no longer for sale.

    We do buy and sell second hand books and I am happy o contact you if we ever get a copy.

    Kind regards,

    Marianne Bosman

    I pointed out that the book is for sale for squillions of dollars on both Amazon and Abebooks, so some people are prepared to pay for it.  (Even at squillions of dollars, it's still a lot cheaper than going out and buying a self-steering gear off the shelf.)

    This was in September 2013 and they haven't come back to me.  I suggest we contact these guys and ask if we can digitise the book.  If they jump up and down squealing, we could offer to act as a conduit for selling it, if they will run a reprint.  Or offer to buy the copyright.  They surely can't be so dog-in-the-manger can they?  Or can they?
  • 13 Feb 2014 22:37
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    Deleted user
    Lots of info about early gears up to 1966 in AYRS Publication here. This was subsequently updated in 1999 under editorship of Mike Ellison as AYRS Publication 127, which doesn't seem to have been digitised yet, but also appeared as a book, available used from e.g. Abebooks and other places.
  • 14 Feb 2014 20:38
    Reply # 1498282 on 1406536
    Belcher's book is available as a pdf from a few dodgy sites, which may be one reason why the publisher is reluctant to do much more with the book. (No, I can't provide links to them here.) Perhaps someone could contact the publisher as Annie said, and see if we can get pdf reprint rights?
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