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The pictures below are 'thumbnails' of photographs which have been uploaded by members to show their boat or details of her junk sail/s or rigging. The idea is to provide a quick way of seeing:

  • the huge range of boats (mono-hulls and multihulls) that can be built for or converted to junk, and
  • the variety of rigs, from single sail to schooner, flat-panelled to cambered

How to use

Where members gave their images captions, extracts appear below; roll over it to see the full text. Click an image to enlarge it, then use the 'Next' and 'Back' buttons to scroll. Images shuffle along as new ones are added.


Please try to give each image a caption so we know whose boat it is, her name, model, length, type of rig and any further info, eg "... showing her downhaul system".

522 photo(s) Updated on: 11 Jul 2024
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  • Sea Elf foresail, port side- full view
  • Sea Elf's foresail
  • Sea Elf foresail (furled, stbd side)
  • Sea Elf foresail (furled, port side)
  • Arion, Tom Thumb 24, at Townsville about to depart for Cairns, August 2012.
  • Arion at Magnetic Island, October 2011 before the refit. The boom now sets higher and further forward than in this photo.
  • Lexia closer still
  • Plymouth Rally. Lexia from Mariposa
  • Jester disappearing into the fog at the start of the 2012 Jester Azores Challenge
  • Oryx port bow
  • Oryx stern with cockpit cuddy
  • Oryx plan view of sail
  • Oryx sail plan
  • IRIS spotted anchored on the Guadiana River between Atlantic Spain and Portugal. Note the radar scanner mounted between the masts.
  • LONA / Ijsselmeer
  • First time raising the sail on Windrush in the boat park at Totnes Boating Association.
  • Badger
  • Footprints peacefully at anchor in Shag Cove, Coromandel Peninsula, NZ after a hard day of sailing.
  • DragonFly's Mast lowering rig
  • DragonFly's High Power Rig.
  • DragonFly
  • First night on the hook since 2002.
  • Sui in the Bristol Channel
  • Model of proposed rig for Sea Elf
  • Lexia's mainsail - 3
  • Lexia's mainsail - 2.
  • Lexia's sail 1.
  • needing some work on the dagger board box was leaking fitted a stainless steel lining to stop the leak
  • beautiful shaped stern burmese teak
  • sunfung on the river NENE 2008 first time on the water for 40 years now i need the sails up
  • Easy Go at anchor in Princes Inlet, near Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Brunk beached
  • Brunk rigged and ready
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