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  • 02 Dec 2013 10:34
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    Deleted user

    I don't need any help with writing at the moment, thanks. Two ways that anyone who wishes could help:

    Have a read through the drafts as I post them and offer any suggestions for omissions/improvements/inaccuracies which occur to them.

    Look at images I have used (all of which I consider temporary candidates), and offer suggestions for alternatives which are copyright-free or for which permission to use might easily be obtainable.

    (Webmaster note: Chris gave a link to his first draft of part 1 of his project above. It's stored on Box. If you are unable to access his file, let me know and I'll provide.)
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  • 06 Jan 2014 20:22
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    Karlis Kalnins wrote:We can also link to sail dimension calculator spreadsheets. I've made one for Arne's Johanna and David Tyler's Fantail sailplans, just enter the desired sail area and you have all the measurement numbers for the sail. It would be nice and relatively easy to make similar ones for other plans as well. If the sailplans can each link to a forum thread then anyone can post comments and links referring to the sailplan. Then an admin can incorporate that information back into the sailplan page(s) at a later date. 

    I agree that the main sailplan page should be consistent illustrations; the photos are good and necessary, but not as good for technical comparison.
    Hi Karlis. I just wanted to say what a good idea you had above (I must have been dozing at the time, sorry) to produce a sailplan calculator for each of the sail types that Chris G is incorporating in his book.

    You sounded happy to do that, so I hope that 'offer' still stands. If you like you can send me the calculators that you already have and I will upload them to the location on the site where Bruce Weller's v1 Junk Glossary currently sits. We can put all the material there as it comes in, including a link to the new glossary wiki version when Dave Zeiger 'releases' it.
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